Is CVS a Trend Setter?

By Bill O'Neil

Will CVS be a retail trend setter with it's decision to end sales of tobacco and it's related products?  

At the very least, experts said the move does leave some tough questions to be answered by other chains such as Walgreen's and Wal Mart.  

"As these organizations want to get more and more in to the bsuiness of being healthcare entities involved in the nework of serving and treating the population, then they're going to have to make decisions like this" said UTSA College of Business Professor Dana Forgione.

However, with convenience stores still amking up the bulk of business for tobacco sales, Forgione told 550 KTSA News the impact of CVS' move will be limited.  

"I don't see it (tobacco sales) slowing down... convenience stores probably sell half of all cigarettes on the market" Forgione said.   


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