S. A. Woman at Sochi Olympics

by Elizabeth Ruiz
The Olympics are a longtime tradition for Liz Fritz of San Antonio who started going to the games with her husband, Ralph Bender, in 1984.  The well-known architect and founder of what is now known as San Antonio Sports passed away in December of 2012 at the age of 88.
In a phone call from Sochi, Fritz told 550 KTSA News, she almost didn't go to the Winter Olympics this year.  Four days before the games started, she decided to make the trip.
"I decided to bring his ashes with me and let him make this journey one more time," Fritz said. 
She made it in time for the opening ceremony.
"When the Olympic Torch was lit after the opening ceremony, I ran over to the cauldron and spread his ashes around it," she said.
She calls it a "wonderful, Olympic spiritual experience."
This is the first time she's made the trip without Bender or a group. 

"I'm here on my own for the first time ever and it's a whole different experience," said Fritz.
But she told 550 KTSA News she doesn't fear for her safety.
"There are military guards everywhere, but that's not unlike any other Olympics and the volunteers are doing an outstanding job," said Fritz.
The U.S. Olympic Committee has asked the U.S. delegation to keep a low profile as the threat of a terrorist attack looms over the games, but she says that's not dampening the U.S.A. spirit at the games. 

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