Diverse Streetcar Protest Set

By Bill O'Neil

From one end of San Antonio to the other--from left to right--downtown streetcar opponents will gather outside of the Bexar County Courthouse Tueday Morning to send what they say will be a very clear message. 

Tea Party Organizer George Rodriguez told 550 KTSA News such a protest really says it all--but he's not convinced those who have been elected--who support the streetcar plan--will actually listen. 

"Then what we need to do is just go to the ballot box in November, and remove these people--and remove them for good" Rodriguez said. 

Also taking part in the protest will be LULAC's Henry Rodriguez--who told 550 KTSA News he's ready to press an even louder message should this one fall on deaf ears. 

"I hope they are with me when I tell them if this is not working, then we'll support to civil disobedience" Rodriguez said.  

The protest is set to get underway at 1 0 AM Tuesday Morning.  


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