Alamo Plaza Panel Created

By Bill O'Neil

City Council has taken a first step toward a redeveloped Alamo Plaza.

"It could be a lot better than it is--especially the area around it. This is our effort to do that" said San Antonio City Councilman Diego Bernal, whose district includes the Alamo. 

That effort begins with the creation of a 21-member panel to guide the future vision of Alamo Plaza. 

"The truth is when you pull back, and you see how important this place is, and you see the role it played in the development of this city, the state, and the country, we have to do better. We're looking for a level of reverance you see in places like Gettysburg and Pearl Harbor" Bernal told 550 KTSA News.  

The panel's creation comes amid a continuing call for the State to take over Alamo Palza from Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who believes Austin would be able to bring more resources to any redevelopment effort. The panel would include one representative from the State--though Bernal said individual Council Members will each appoint a person to the committee--and some of those appointees could be from State Offices.   


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