GOP Lawmaker Urges Party to Reach Out

By Bill O'Neil

How to keep Texas "Red" for generations to come--a Dallas-area Republican lawmaker insists he has the key. 

"First and foremost we need to talk about how we're goign to engage Hispanic voters. No question, the demographics have changed in Texas" said State Representative Jason Villalba, who, while speaking in San Antonio, told 550 KTSA News it's a matter of life and death for the GOP. 

"Unless we are able to achieve mind share--and reach the Latino voter--we as a party will perish in the next generation" Villalba said.  

Villalba was critical of the tone on the immigration debate from the Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor during the primary campaign. Hoever, he believes Congressman Joaquin Castro and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro have taken State Senator Dan Patrick's comments on the issue out of context.  


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