One Endorsement for Streetcars

By Bill O'Neil

It's a winner--the word from one local think tank--throwing it's support behind plans for streetcars in Downtown San Antonio.  

"The fixed rail system will generate jobs--it will generate economic development along the routes of the fixed rail system" said Imagine San Antonio President Bob Wise, who encourages VIA to extend the routes in to the nearby neighborhoods on the east, west, and south sides of town. 

While many in those neighborhoods have been pushing for more buses to more easily move people through the area, Wise told 550 KTSA News that sort of thinking is really short sighted.  

"Buses as they are now, going in all different directions downtown, really complicate traffic downtown and make it difficult to get around" Wise said.  

Critics question both the cost of the streetcar project, as well as the overall benefits it will bring. Last week, VIA said it was prohibitied by state law from holding a public referendum on the project.  


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