Taxis on the River Downtown?

By Bill O'Neil

Streetcars may be due in a few years--now some are adding a call for river taxis as a means of moving people around Downtown San Antonio.  

San Antonio City Councilman Diego Bernal is confident taxis could work well with the barges that are on the river now--and favored by tourists visiting the Alamo City. He said it all really boils down to a simple question.  

"Can we explore how to add this people mover element--this transportation element to the overall package. That's where the conversations are now. I'm confident that we'll get something that addresses that" Bernal told 550 KTSA News.  

Bernal said he has been hearing from people who live or work near the Pearl, seeking such a transporation alternative. However, the Councilman said if it is to be done--it's very important that it's done right.  

"If you're a local and you want to get back and forth along the river--whatever it is that we do in terms of transportation--it has to be reliable and predictable" Bernal said.   


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