Death Penalty Debate... Among Conservatives

By Bill O'Neil

A group of conservatives opposed to the death penalty is set to make it's case at a weekend political convention in San Marcos. 

The landscape is shifting--so says Marc Hyden with Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty--a group that has made it's point each of the last two years before the Conservative Political Action Conference. 

"We've started to shatter the myth that all conservatives support the death penalty--because we know it's not true" Hyden told 550 KTSA News. He said the death penalty's risk of killing an innocent person means it's not pro-life. He also said it's not fiscally responsible--given the cost of executing a prisoner usually is more than that of keeping the that person in jail for the rest of their life.  

"And in my personal opionio, I don't think giving the government the power to kill U.S. citizens is a form of limited government" Hyden said.  


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