Call Center Business Growing in S.A.

By Don Morgan 

A young company in San Antonio continues to grow--and it's owners credit the city's culture and workforce with their expansion.  

CSG is an outsource customer care center. Owner/Operator Tim Handron told 550 KTSA News they are already looking for at least 100 additional employees.  

"We've grown from no employees three years ago... we have 330--and we're about to grow to 430. That's tremendous growth we've gone through over the last three years" Handron said.  

Co-Owner Tim Montgomery told us many call centers are bringing jobs back home to the United States after finding a big drop in customers once they moved their operations offshore.  

"A lot of people moved over there for cost savings--and what they found is the loss in customers is not offset by the savings in cost--so, we're seeing  a lot of companies tryign move jobs back to the U.S. as fast as they can" Montgomery said.   

You can learn more about the company's open positions at 


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