Police Union, City Talk at the Table

By Bill O'Neil

Still a lot of ground to cover--the word from negotiators from both the City and the union representing San Antonio Police Officers after a round of bargaining Monday.  

Those talks continue amid the growing concern over the rising cost of pensions and health care.  

"When we come with a one way path like the city has been doing where it's may way or the highway--that doesn't help anything. That doesn;t help either side, and it puts us in a stalemate" said San Antonio Police Officers Union President Michael Helle--who has already seen the city reject his side's proposal for creatign a trust to handle health care costs.  

"They've proposed nothing that deals with the fundamental problems--which are 20-plus percent increasees in costs--plan structure which I've said at prior negotiations forces people not to make efficient choices, go to doctors in network--things of that nature" said the City's Co-Chief Negotiator Jeff Londa.  

Several more negotiating sessions are planned in the coming weeks.   


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