Task Force to Look at Ride Share Services

By Bill O'Neil

Can the much talked about ride share companies such as Uber and Lyft find some space on San Antonio's roads? 

Those companies continue to insist they are different from cabs--connecting riders with rides through apps--as opposed to a taxi being dispatched.

"With regard to our position and the city's position as the ordinance is currently written--connect and dispatch are essentially the same thing" said SAPD's Steve Baum, testifying before the City Council's Public Safety Committee. Still, the department has gone along with a recommendation for creating a task force to take a closer look. 

Among those testifying before the committee Wednesday was the mother of a young woman who recently made a narrow escape from a limo--after it stalled int he path of an oncoming train.  

"I want to make sure that every vehicle that operates has the appropriate licenses, has the appropriate permits, and has a responsible driver driving these vehicles said Itza Marigarza.  

While a task force is due back with recommendations before the end of summer, for now both Uber and Lyft can not operate legally in San Antonio.   


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