Will Patrick's Past Alter Lt. Gov Race?

By KTSA News Staff

If you knew a candidate for public office spent time in a psychiatric hospital decades ago, would that influence your vote? 

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson thinks it should. He told 550 KTSA's Jack Riccardi he released court documents showing State Senator Dan Patrick spent time at a psychiatric hospital during the 1980's. 

"The public has the right to see our tax returns. The public has the right to see our medical records if it relates to our judgement. The public should know everything" Patterson said in explaining why he released the documents he claims to have obtained from a lawyer who was involved in a case involving Patrick. 

So, will the documents bring Patrick's aspirations for winning the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor away from incumbent David Dewhurst to an end--just days before early voting is to get underway in their runoff?  

University of Texas-Arlington Political Scientist Allan Saxe told 550 KTSA News he doesn't think so.

"The Dewhurst-Patrick race has become extremely volatile with the charges going back and forth. I think the Texas public is quite frankly tired of it" Saxe said, adding voters have become more sympathetic to those who have been treated for mental health problems than they were in years past.  


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