Soda Debate in S.A.?

By Bill O'Neil

It's a message that's been pushed in other cities--now a call is getting underway to reduce the amount of soda San Antonio is drinking. 

"We have scientific evidence this process is already happening--but voluntarily. All we want to do is encourage that, and let people know that others are making this decision, you can too" said Metro Health Director Thomas Schlenker. He told 550 KTSA News the three-year campaign that's being planned would not include the taxes and bans that have been implemented in other cities.  

Schlenker said the "voluntary" reductions in soda consumption already seen in the area--largely driven by women--have had a positive impact on community health. However, there are critics.  

"I really don't think that the (City) Charter intended for us to be spending our time telling our citizens what they can eat and drink" said Councilman Joe Krier, who told 550 KTSA News the City's focus should be elsewhere.

"This is another one of those issues where we're getting away from what the City's fundamental purpose is--which is basic city services--streets, drainage, police and fire, parks and libraries" Krier said.  


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