Affordable, Quality Housing in S.A.

By Bill O'Neil

A new study puts San Antonio in the sweet spot when it comes to how much money you have to make in order to be able to buy a median priced home.  

That number: about $45,000 per year to purchase a home at $169,000. That ranks the Alamo City tenth overall in the study--and tops in Texas--even if the numbers are much lower in cities such as Cleveland and Pittsburgh. 

"Not neccesarily a good thing--if you want a cheap property that's great--if you need a job, it's not so great" said Vice-President Keith Gumbinger, adding "Infact, there's been population declines in some of those marketplaces. Part of the reason why you see places like Detroit very high on the list for inexpensive homes is because there are lots and lots of empty homes."  

The study finds the lowest average salary needed to buy a median riced home is in Cleveland--the highest in San Francisco.  


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