Bikes to be Routed Off of S Flores

By Bill O'Neil

Despite getting an earful from bicycle enthusiasts--San Antonio's City Council gives a green light to moving more than two miles of bike lane off of South Flores. 

Simply put, Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran said the addition of those lanes has made things more dangerous for drivers, bike riders, and pedestrians on that section of South Flores. 

"What we have now is an unsafe area, for schools, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and neighbors" Viagran said. However, not everyone was sold on the plan. Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales said bikes are the healthy alternative the City should be looking to.

"They also calm traffic, they calm the noise--they make areas safer for pedestrians (by slowing traffic)" Gonzales said.  

Council also approved a plan for taking a closer look at vehicle parking in bicycle names.    


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