Critics Take Aim at New EPA Regs

By Bill O'Neil

Critics are taking aim at the newly unveiled Environmental Protection Agency rules--which are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at power plants around the country. 

For House Sciences, Sspace, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith--the move is something he has seen too much of from the Obama Administration in recent years. 

"To try to penalize power companies, penalize Americans, and increase the cost of electricity is not in the interests of America" Congressman Smith told 550 KTSA News, adding the move is another example of the White House trying to scare Americans--in order to exert more control over their lives.  

"He (the President) is also not saying--and he should be saying--that even if we do all of this (enact the new rules), it's not going to have any appreciable effect on global warming" Smith said. 

Other critics agree.  

"It is impossible for Texas or for the U.S. to impact global warming by acting unilaterally--it simply won't happen" said Texas Association of Business CEO Bill Hammond. He told 550 KTSA News the only thing to be accomplished by the plan is the creation of angst--especially among those he said will be put out of work as a result of it.  

"It's just goign to hurt hard working Texans and taxpayers" Hammond said, adding "Also the ratepayers--rates are goign to go up as a result of this."  


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