NE Side Revitalization Plans

By Don Morgan

A major revitalization effort is getting underway on San Antonio's northeast side. 

District 10 City Councilman Mike Galalgher told 550 KTSA News the focus is on two major corridors--Nacogdoches, and Perrin Beitel. 

"First of all, you have to bring in some big anchor staores--and when that happens, it's absolutely amazing how many smaller businesses come in around them" Gallagher said, adding "And once that happens, it's absolutely amazaing how many smaller businesses come in around them. When that happens, everything starts to imporve." 

Gallagher said the areas being focused on include more than 550 businesses--some having been around for years.

"We're going to start plantings along the road, where you'll actually have some gorgeous looking green spaces to pass through. From then on, we start working with them to try to improve the faces of the buildings" Gallagher said.  


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