V.A. Secretary Visits S.A.

By Johnny Shannon and Bill O'Neil

One day after touring the troubled V.A. facilities in Phoenix, acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan Gibson said he is pleased with what he sees in San Antonio. 

"I found myself wishing I could have every veteran standing next to me--because I believe they would have been genuinely proud of what they are seeing here" Gibson said after a series of meetings at the Audie Murphy V.A. Hospital. 

Despite the glowing review, the Secretary admitted there are challenges facing the facility--with local whistle blowers insisting they had been ordered by supervisors to manipulate wait time lists. 

Congressman Lamar Smith took part in a meeting with Gibson--he told 550 KTSA News he's satisfied the Secretary is doing what he can to address the problems--but he wants to see results. 

"It's my feeling that the veterans have sacriificed for us. They have given us our freedoms, and they deserve the best care possible--not delayed care" Smith said. Fellow Congressman Joaquin Castro also told us he was happy with the meeting--but he'll also continue to watch the situation closely.  

"This is Military City U.S.A. We still have three bases, once upon a time, we had five--so it's very important to get it right in San Antonio" Castro said.  


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