Controversy in Castle Hills

By Bill O'Neil

We're hearing from the woman at the center of a political firestorm in Castle Hills--one which led that community's Mayor to walk away from City Hall this week.  

Castle Hills City Manager Rita Hoyl as Councilmembers argued Tuesday Night in favor of replacing her--with one of the reasons given being her lack of a college degree, amid arguments she had "reached her potential."        

'I think I am a success story without a college education" Hoyl told 550 KTSA News with a laugh, adding  "There are so many people without a college degree who are very successful." 

Hoyl has been an employee of the City of Castle Hills for more than two decades, serving in a number of roles. She admitted to call stung her, even if the Council has decided to allow her several more months on the job before making a decision on whether or not to extend her contract. 

It was Tuesday Night that Mayor Bruce Smiley-Kaliff decided he'd had enough. 

"What I'd heard was offenseive, it was condescending, it was pompous" Smiley-Kaliff told 550 KTSA News, argyuments that ultimately led him to step down immediately from his post, frustrated over the treatment of Hoyl--and the calls for her to be removed.

"There is no rational, legal, reasonable reason" Smiley-Kaliff said.  

For her part--Hoyl told us she will remain on the job.   


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