More Pain at the Pump Expected

By Bill O'Neil

There's more where that came from--the word from fuel market watchers after your average pump price jumped by five-cents per gallon in the Alamo City over the last week. 

As if the increased demand of the summer driving season isn't enough, analysts said the continuing violence in Iraq is only making things worse. 

"We're seeing crude oil prices trading in a very high range as a result. Wholesale gasoline prices have also gone up" said Gregg Laskoski with He told 550 KTSA News prices aren't likely to come down until there is some "clarity" in Iraq. 

Meanwhile, adding frther jitters to the market is a push from a couple of D.C lawmakers for an increase in the federal gas tax by twelve-cents over the next two years. 

"I think we have a better chance of being struck by lightning than seeing that happen" Laskoski said, though adding any little ripple only adds to the bigger wave of uncertainty hanging over the market right now.   


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