Cornyn "Offended" by Reid

By Bill O'Neil

Some choice words from the Number Two Republican in the U.S. Senate--after Majority Leader Harry Reid suggests the GOP's platform is to "deport first and find solutions later or never" in the midst of the continuing immigrant children crisis.  

"I find that offensive--and it's certainly not true" said Senator John Cornyn on Capitol Hill, adding the Majority Leader is clearly not hearing what some big names in his own party are saying about the crisis.  

"No less than Vice-President Joe Biden has said of the unaccompanied minors flooding across the U.S.-Mexican Border "it is neccesary to put them back in the hands of a parent in the country from which they came" Cornyn said. 

Meanwhile--a number of Republicans are not convinced the White House won't ultimately offer asylum to the immigrant children being housed at facillities such as the one at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. 

"We're getting used to this--we just can't believe what we hear" Congressman Lamar Smith told 550 KTSA's Jack Riccardi, doubting the Obama Administration will follow through with what it said are plans for deporting the bulk of the children.  

"The irony of course here is we would not be having this problem along the border if the President were enforcing immigration law" Smith said.   


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