Crisis Brings Call for Change

By Don Morgan and Bill O'Neil

Speed up the process--the word from one San Antonio Congressman, who spent much of his weekend taking a closer look at the continuing undocumented immigrant children crisis. 

In particular, Congresssman Henry Cuellar said he left a bus station in Laredo knowing something has to change.  

"Families that have been released from Border Patrol--they were waiting their waiting to take buses mostly to the northeastern United States (where family members purchased bus tickets for them)" Cuellar said. The Congressman added he's hoping the feds will soon allow family units on to weekly flights to take undocumented immigrants back to their home countries--flights that currently only allow for adult passengers. 

Meanwhile, the Congressman also said something has to change in the U.S. human trafficking law--which in some cases can produce almost immediate results.  

"But if you're not a contiguous country--like Mexico and Canada--then you go through a very different process" Cuellar said, noting most of the children being held in Texas in the current crisis are from Central American countries, pointing to a process that can take years for those kids.  


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