Streetcar Study Points to Big Cash

By Bill O'Neil

VIA makes another push for downtown streetcars--but critics are less than immpressed with the big numbers in a newly issued report on the expected econmic impact resulting from the project. 

According to the report put out by VIA, the $1.3 billion dollar impact across 25-years will impact so many lives. 

"We're talking about 83-hundred jobs being created--with $380-million per year in wages" said VIA BOard Chairm Alex Briseno.  

Skeptics are quick to point out the cash also comes with the amount of money that will be needed to maintain what will be built. 

"It's going to be devastating to us as tax payers, as property owners" said Streetcar opponent George Rodriguez, who sees the study as nothing more than the same old sales pitch for the project.   


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