Streetcar Opponents Rally

By Bill O'Neil

No let up from downtown streetcar opponents--who rallied outside of City Hall a day after turning in thousands of signatures on petitions calling for a San Antonio vote on the plan.  

For South Texas Tea Party Coordinator George Rodriguez, VIA's seeming shrug on the nearly 27-thousand signatures that were collected is very frustrating.  

"What they are doing is they are literally snubbing the taxpayer--the people who pay their bills--the people who pay them to be representing" Rodriguez told 550 KTSA News. 

San Antonio Porfessional Firefighters Association President Chris Steele told 550 KTSA News it seems voters have their priorities straight--now it's time for officials to do the same. 

"Right now, we run out of ambulances virtually every day" Steele said, adding "Our response times are over the limit. In order to save somebody's life, we have to get there in six minutes."  

The uniuon has been locked in a tough discussion with the city on a new contract. Supporters of the streetcar plan say opponents are using their opposition simply to advance their own political agendas.   


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