Big Downward Trend Seen in Gas Prices

By Bill O'Neil

Going down--the experts say a big run-down in price at the gas pump is in the works in the coming weeks.  

That is if the tropics and international politics cooperate--but's Gregg Laskoski said the signs are already there. 

"We're seeing gas prices come down--this is happening across the country" Laskoski told 550 KTSA News, noting at tw-cent per gallon drop in San Antonio's average over the last week.  

Laskoski said the formula is simple--falling demand following the Fourth of July--combined with a healthy supply level. 

"In some parts of the country believe it or not, we're already seeing prices below $3 per gallon" Laskoski said, adding we could see prices fall by as much as 10 to 25-cents per gallon over the next two to three weeks.   


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