Israel's Top TX Diplomat Welcomes Support

By Bill O'Neil

Amid the frustration of living under the constant fear of attack--Israel's top diplomat in Texas is encouraged by the support he's finding for his country in the United States. 

Consel General for the Southwest Meir Shlomo told 550 KTSA News the legitimacy given to Hamas in some corners of the world remains frustrating.  

"There is no sitting at the table with Hamas because Hamas has no interest whatsover to negiatiate with Israel--and we don't have any interest whatsoever to negotiate with a terrorist organization" Shlomo said. 

Tha Ambassador said statements of support from around the United States--including one from Governor Rick Perry--are very heartening amid what continues to be a very complicated situation. 

"The problem between Hamas and Israel is not the problem between Palestinians and Israel--that's two different problems" Shlomo said.  


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