Big Name Lawyer for Bergdahl

By Bill O'Neil

Days after returning to active duty at Fort Sam Houston, Segeant Bowe Bergdahl has a new, high-power lawyer. 

A well-known expert in military law, the Pentagon said Egugene Fidell has already met witht he Army officer investigating Bergdahl's disappearance and subsequent abduction in Afghanistan.  

Meanwhile, officials said Bergdahl is being treated like any other soldier, despite the continuing investigation. 

"Just like any active duty army soldier, he's free to leave base--he's not under any particular restrictions" said Rear Admiral John Kirby at the Pentagon this week.  

Officials said Bergdahl has not met with the investigator to this point--but the investigation is on track. 

"There will be a fair, complete, comprehensive investigation in to the circumstances surrounding his departure from that base (in Afghanistan)" KIrby said.   


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