No Quick Results from Bergdahl Answers

By Bill O'Neil

Dont expect to see a final report any time soon--the word from one military law expert with Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl answering questions on hsi disappearance and abduction in Afghanistan. 

South Texas College of Law's Geoffrey Corn told 550 KTSA News those questions are likely to be what defines the investigation.  

"It will really help the General (who is investigating) form his strategic dirrection of whwre he's going with his report--and also potentially lead him to other sources" Corn said, adding that includes the possibility of another round of questions for Bergdahl. 

Witht he spotlight shining so brightly on the Bergdahl investigation, Corn said there will be no rush toward a final report, or any possible recommendations for discipline.  

"I think what we can be very confident of is that it will be done extremely well, extremely thoroughly" Corn said.  


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