Council Rejects Charter Vote Petition

By Bill O'Neil

An uneasy San Antonio City Council will not allow a November vote on a proposed change to the City Charter--at least not through a recent petition effort, born out of opposition to the now-shelved downtown streetcar plan.  

"Our job--my job, the City Attorney's job is to make sure we protect the integrity of folks who work together to amend the City Charter" said City Attorney Robbie Greenblum in explaining why he rejected thousdnds of signatures lacking an affadavit from the circulator, despite an apaprent opionion from the Secretary of State saying such an affadavit was not needed.  

 Most Councilmembers saw the need to protect the process in the rejection--but several--including Councilman Joe Krier took close note of the number of people who signed on the dotted line.  

"We are in my opinion honor bound to respond to that" Krier said. Several Councilmember suggested a vote could come if some legal issues are resolved--Councilman Ray Lopez suggested the petition drive organizers might be given some time to correct the issues. 

Petition drive organizers could ultimately decide to bring their challenge to court.   



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