Council Fills Two Vacancies

By Bill O'Neil

You'll find two new faces at San Antonio's City Hall. 

Council has selected Keith Toney to fill the vacancy in District Two--which was created when Ivy Taylor became the City's Interim Mayor. He'll hold the spot at least until a special election in November--and said he has his eyes closely fixed on the continuing contract negotiations witht he police and fire unions. 

"First of all, I'd like to see the rhetoric ratched down a little bit--I don't think it speaks well for the City" Toney said. 

In District Seven, Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez will fill the seat temporaily vacated by Cris Medina, who is taking part in an Air Force Reserve training program. She said she'll be ready to conitnue to serve her community after Medina returns.  

"Could we start a candidates academy? Is that something we can begin a converdsation about? I would offer to assist with that, spearhead that" Aguirre-Rodriguez said.  


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