Closer to a Ban?

By Bill O'Neil

A push for a city-wide ban on the use of hand-held cell phones while driving appears to be picking up steam. 

One by one, Councilmembers seem to be falling in line with the idea--though Councilman Joe Krier said there's probably a bigger overall problem.  

"You want people who are paying attention to driving, and not something else--but there's a ton of other things they could be doing besides cell phones" Krier said. 

However, a recent up close and personal experience has Councilman Ron Nirenberg ready to talk about the idea. 

"In fact, I was reminded of the fact we need to consider something like that when I was nearly run off of I-10.... by someone on the phone" Nirenberg said. Councilman MIke Gallagher appears ready to support extending the current ban beyond school zones. 

"It appears to me it may be possible it could be moved.... it could be applied to someone at all times" Gallagher said. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus has long advocated for such a move.  

"Stopping there (school zones), I guess you can look at it as short sighted--because if it's dangoerus to use in a school zone, it's dangoerous to use everywhere" McManus told Council.   


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