Perry Turns Himself In

By KTSA News Staff

A set of fingerprints and a mug shot haven't taken the fight out of Governor Rick Perry following his indictment on corruption charges. 

The Governor praised the professionalism of the Travis County deputies who processed him in Austin Tuesday Afternoon--but he still stands behind his threatened veto of funding for the Texas Public Integrity Unit. 

"The actiosn that I took were lawful, they were legal, and they were proper" Perry said after stepping outside following his processing. 

The threatened veto followed Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg's refusal to resign following her DWI conviction. Lehmberg oversees the unit. While the Governor promises he'll win the legal fight, he insists he won't be distracted. 

"I remain focused on the work of the people of this state, doing the job I was elected to do" Perry said. 

Meanwhile, supporters and critics of Governor Perry raised their voices in the streets outside of the Travis County Courthouse. 

"I love our Governor--I just saw him at Red State Gathering, and he's awesome" one woman told 550 KTSA News. Another told us the case is "ridiculous... a waste of taxpayer money." 

On the other side though, a smaller, but no less convinced group of Perry critics held to their position.  

"I think we're a laughing stock of the country--there's no way he's going to be glossed over by wrapping a flag around him" said one woman who told us the answer is to elect Democrat Wendy Davis as the State's next Governor. 

"Rick Perry is guilty, and I'm tired of him spending our tax dollars the way he wishes" another woman told us.   

Both sides remained peaceful throughout the dueling demonstrations.  


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