Honesty Study Results In

By Bill O'Neil

You can count San Antonio as the Lone Star State's most honest city. 

That at least according to the results of a very unique recent social experiment conducted in communities around the country--in which people were asked to pay for bottles of tea on the honor system. A booth was set up on Market Squarfe in San Antonio earlier this month, where 96% of people put their dollars in a jar in exchange for tea. 

That 96% score for San Antonio matches the Alamo City with Washington D.C. in terms of honesty. 

"It was good to see this year they (Washington D.C.) improved" said Honest Tea President and CEO Seth Goldman. He told 550 KTSA News the same survey found women to more honest than men, with blondes being the most honest by hair color. 

"Somebody asked me if those were all real blondes--that we were not able to test" Goldman said. 

Honolulu put up a perfect score for a second year in a row to take the top spot as the country's most honest city--Providence, Rhode Island came in at the bottom of the pack among those that were surveyed.  



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