Contract Debate and Satisfaction Survey

By Bill O'Neil

Could the latest jab in the back and forth between the City of San Antonio and it's police and fire unions be found in the results of a survey asking how satisfied you are with the services you're getting? 

The question arises thanks to one particular question included with the survey.

"We asked them (city residents) for different perceptions of different things, and one of the questions we did ask was if they support that public safety personnel contribute to health care costs like other city employees, and 70% said yes" the City's Di Galvan told 550 KTSA News. 

San Antonio Police Officers Association President Michael Helle told 550 KTSA News he's willing to talk about it--but wonders why that question is part of a survey on satisfaction with city services. 

"You look at the question--it's something out of left field" Helle said. adding "Like how do you feel about Santa Claus? What the heck does that have to do with anything?" 

Helle believes the City is trying to use the question to help build pressure on the unions amid what have been contentious discussions around new contracts. Overall, the survey finds 70% of those questioned rate city services as either excellent or good.   


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