Neighbors Blast Sidewalk Work

By Bill O'Neil

The push to build more sidewalks in San Antonio runs in to a roadblock in one neighborhood, where some people wnated more of a chance to weigh in on the plan. 

"I'm somebody who likes to offer solutions, and I think there's a far better material that's less hot... it's actually cool compared to cement" said Carol Patterson, who lives in the neighborhood on Larkwood Drive and Crandall Place--near Loop 410. 

Patterson told 550 KTSA News about sixty houses in all are impacted by the work, which she said will result in more heat for the area with sahde trees cut for construction--and more rainwater runoff pollution entering nearby waterways. 

"I want to be clear--the issue is not whether we should have sidewalks. The issue is whether people had adequate notice to respond" Patterson said. 


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