Student Debt Payments Coming Due

By Bill O'Neil

You keep hearing how much better the economy is--and how many more jobs there are today--yet many recent grads who are finding those first student loan payments are due are suffering from a severe case of sticker shock. 

"One out of three households now have student loans in excess of $60,000" said Debt Free Angels President and CEO Christina Randell. She told 550 KTSA News a lot of pressure is on new grads, especially new teachers.  

"They are paid--if they get a good job--$34,000 a year. They can't pay off $60,000 with interest, because it's growing to $72,000 over the ten years they're supposed to be paying it back" Randell said. 

Randell said there are programs available that can help--but the government hides them pretty well, with those in customer service often times doubling as collection agents for those loans.  


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