Environmental Group Aims at Cuellar

By Bill O'Neil

A very public spat earlier this year with President Barack Obama--now Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar again finds himself in the sites of an environmental group. 

The Congressman finds himself on the recieving end from the Natural Resources Defense Council--which takes Cuellar to task for his record on the environment.

"Representative Cuellar practically boasts about his 2014 votes prohibiting the EPA from taking any action or consideration of carbon pollution to address climate change" the group said. 

Cuellar sees nothing but a my way or the highway mindset in the group. 

"The only way to do that (support the environment) is to just go fter the energy companies just because they are energy companies... I can't support that kind of interest group" Cuellar said.  

The Congressman does recieve donations from the energy industry--but insisted that cash does not dictate his policy, pointing to calls he;s made for cleaning up polluted areas in his Distrcity--as well as high marks from the National Parks Conservation Association.  


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