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Concussions and Your Kids

By Kurt Gilchrist 

Another lawsuit over concussions in sports--with professional soccer landing in the spotlight this time. That raises the question of just how safe your kids might be when they're on the pitch. 

Education, knowledge, and precaution have replaced the get back in there and tough it out mentality from years past. 

"Fisrt of all, if any adult believes a student may have sustained some type of concusion... the first protocol is to send them to their doctor" said Stan Lang, the Executive Director for Athletics at the Northside Independent School District. He told 550 KTSA News each coach and trainer must pass safety training courses before thaking the field. 

"We try to educate student athletes on the importance of---in case an adult didn't see it--any sympotms they may ahve. We also try to educate the community and parents as well" Lang said.  


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