Border Militia Threatens to Sue Feds

By Kurt Gilchrist

A he said/he said difference of opinion is forming--in the aftermath of U.S. Border Patrol agents firing on armed militia members near Brownsville late last week. 

No one was hurt by the gunfire--but both sides are clearly pointing fingers following what happened. 

"I really have to wonder here--a senior captain of the Border Patrol draws his weapon, and fires five times at 35-feet. Is this a portender of events to come" said one of the group's volunteers. The group isnisted law enforcement isn't doing it's job--while law enforcement said the untrained and unregulated militia members are doing nothing more than getting in the way.  

"We intend to file suit in criminal District court in Brownsville for violations of the United States Constitution against private citizens on private land" the volunteer said.  


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