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Concussions and Your Kids

Another lawsuit over concussions in sports--with professional soccer landing in the spotlight this time. That raises the question of just how safe your kids might be when they're on the pitch. 


Beer Means Jobs in Texas

Thinking about casting your resume in the beer barrel? You just might come up with more than suds. 


S.A. Kenya Water Partnership

Stretching across the globe from San Antonio to Kenya--a unique partnership forms all in the name of conserving water. 


Confidence in Soccer Bid Rising

A matter of when--not if--that's what one prominent local business leader sees in San Antonio's seemingly endless push to attract another major league team. 


Environmental Group Aims at Cuellar

A very public spat earlier this year with President Barack Obama--now Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar again finds himself in the sites of an environmental group. 


BK Plan Divides TX Lawmakers

They shouldn't have it their way--just waht one San Antonio Congressman has to say about the planned Burger King-Tom Hortons merger--complete with a new corporate headquarters in Canada. 


Student Debt Payments Coming Due

You keep hearing how much better the economy is--and how many more jobs there are today--yet many recent grads who are finding those first student loan payments are due are suffering from a severe case of sticker shock. 


Chief's Murder Points to Disturbing Trend

The shocking murder of Elmendorf Police Chief Michael Pimentel is just the latest sign in what has been a disturbing trend for those who serve and protect. 

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