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Jack Riccardi

Gang of Four -- 11/21/14

Robert Fleming,owner of the Magnolia Pancake Haus; Ron Franscell, crime novelist; and Jonathan Gurwitz, KGB Texas Communications talk about Obama's immigration order, race relations in America, and what it takes to be mayor of San Antonio.


Ira Mehlman -- 11/19/14

Ira Mehlman, contributor for FAIR, explains what the president may be up to with his plan to announce his immigration policy.

Jed Babbin -- 11/19/14

Jed Babbin, former US Deputy under Secretary of Defense, discusses the recent synagogue attack in Jersusalem, and Obama's statements hinting at moral symmetry.


Lisa Daftari -- 11/17/14

Lisa Daftari, Mid-east contributor to Fox News, speaks about the most recent American Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS agents and why this death is different than the others.

Rep. Lamar Smith -- 11/17/14

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) speaks about the efforts in Washington about illegal immigration, and also about the Keystone pipeline.

Gang of Four -- 11/14/14

Jack welcomes Eddie Aldrete, vice pres. of IBC bank; Louis Barrios, owner of Los Barrios; and Cathey Meyer, former FBI Agent turned teacher to discuss the new Attorney General, Johnathan Gruber's comments and a little bit about a big ol' butt.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters -- (11/13/14)

Peters discusses Obama's visit to China, and how the U.S. is losing its position on the world stage.

Ruben Navarrette, Jr. -- 11/12/14

Ruben Navarette, Jr. explains how Hispanics are no longer a "free ride" for Democrats in voting.

Chris Bird, author of "Thank God I had a Gun"

Dana Loesch - "Hands Off My Gun"

Jack Riccardi talks with Dana Loesch (Mon-Fri 10pm-1am on KTSA) about her new book, "Hands Off My Gun".

Dr. Jim Carafano on Ebola Quarantine

Jack Riccardi talks with Dr. Jim Carafano (Heritage Foundation) about the Ebola quarantine issues.

Brad Meltzer's Lost History on H2

Jack Riccardi talks with author Brad Meltzer about his new show on H2, "Lost History".

Premieres Friday, October 31 AT 9PM CT on H2 (History Channel 2)

Gang of Four - Oct 24th

Jack Riccardi and the Gang kick around the top stories of the week.
Robert Fleming (Magnolia Pancake Haus)
Jonathan Gurwitz (KGB Texas Communications)
and Phillip Vipond (Floresville Chamber of Commerce)

with a special appearance by Dr. Masarat Ali

The DiSH - Oct 23rd

Jack Riccardi talks with listeners as they PRAISE or ZING places to eat in the San Antonio area.
With a special appearance from Olivier The Wine Guy.

Greg Abbott on Voter Fraud

Jack Riccardi talks with Attorney General Greg Abbott about voter fraud.

Project Veritas - Colorado Voter Fraud

Jack Riccardi talks with James O'Keefe (Project Veritas) about how he uncovered voter fraud among Colorado democrats.

Both Sides React: Voter ID Ruling

Jack Riccardi talks with Gary Bledsoe (Texas NAACP President) and Greg Abbott (Running for Gov) about the recent Voter ID ruling.

Gang of Four - Oct 10th

Jack Riccardi and the Gang kick around the top stories of the week.
Judge Steve Hilbig
Ken Slavin (Jazz Singer)
and Yami Virgin (Fox29 Investigative Reporter)
with a special appearance from Attorney General Greg Abbott 


EnterTAYnment News!
*Ben Affleck is cool again!
*Is the "Tom and Jerry" cartoon racist?
*Pixar's next film - The Inside Out
*Leo drops out of Steve Jobs biopic
* The Rock joins the Baywatch movie
and MORE!

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst on Ebola

Jack Riccardi talks with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst about the Ebola virus.
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