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Jack Riccardi's Podcasts

Lt Gov David Dewhurst on Border Control

Jack Riccardi talks with Lt Gov David Dewhurst about immigration and border control.

Gang of Four - July 18th

Jack Riccardi and the Gang kick around the top stories of the week.
Louis Barrios (Los Barrios restaurants)
Chris Rugnao (Health Care Marketing)
and Elaine Wolff (Out in SA)

Daniel Silva's "The Heist"

Jack Riccardi talks with author Daniel Silva about his new book, "The Heist".

Find it on Amazon HERE

TAYLOR TRASH - July 14th

EnterTAYnment News!
*Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is GREAT!
*Spielberg kills a dino!
*Christopher Walken will play Captain Hook!
*Paul McCartney in San Antonio!
*and more!

The DiSH - July 14th

Jack Riccardi talks with listeners as they PRAISE or ZING places to eat in the San Antonio area.

Councilman Cris Medina - Ban E-Cigs for under 18

Jack Riccardi talks with Dis 7 City Councilman Cris Medina about a ban on e-cigarettes for people under 18.


EnterTAYnment News!
*another Transformers movie is out...
*Shia LaBuffff gets arrested
*Kim Jong Un calls Seth Rogan movie an "Act Of War"!

Mighty John Marshall from

Listeners of the Jack Riccardi show call in to ask Mighty John Marshall about how much the old vinyl music records are worth.

Gang of Four - June 27th

Jack Riccardi and the Gang kick around the top stories of the week.
State Rep Jose Menendez
Steve Adkins (The Adkins Group)
Robert Fleming (Magnolia Pancake Haus)

Brad Meltzer - "I am Rosa Parks"

Jack Riccardi talks with author Brad Meltzer about his new book, I am Rosa Parks (Ordinary People Change World)

Find it on Amazon here

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JR POLL: GIMME SHELTER-- Should SA be a "sanctuary city"?
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