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Jack Riccardi's Podcasts

TAYLOR TRASH - April 15th

EnterTAYnment News!
*Fiesta Remix of #SELFIE Song!
*Oprah makes Pharrell cry!
*Fargo TV show!
*New Tommy Lee Jones western “The Homesman”

Gang of Four - April 11th

Jack Riccardi and the Gang kick around the top stories of the week.
Chris Rugnao (Health Care Marketing)
Carlos Abelar (Republican WestSider)
and Doug Vair

TAYLOR TRASH - April 10th

EnterTAYnment News!
*Colbert to replace Letterman!
*Taylor Trashes Arnold Schwarzenegger's new film, "Sabotage"
*Truman Show to become TV show
*Nick Cannon is a Skunk

Cal Thomas - "What Works"

Jack Riccardi talks with Cal Thomas about his new book "What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America."
Find it on AMAZON here

Dark Invasion

Jack Riccardi talks with author Howard Blum about his new book "Dark Invasion: 1915: Germany's Secret War and the Hunt for the First Terrorist Cell in America".
Find it on AMAZON here

Gang of Four - April 4th

Jack Riccardi and the Gang kick around the top stories of the week.
State Rep Lyle Larson
Roman Garcia (Great Day SA)
and Eddie Aldrete (IBC Bank)

Wife of a Fort Hood soldier

Jack Riccardi talks with Felicia Reyes about her story of hearing of the horrible shooting at Fort Hood.

Sig Christenson reports near Fort Hood

Jack Riccardi talks with Sig Christenson (Military Editor for SA Express News) about the recent shooting at Fort Hood.

DA Susan Reed - Death Row Drugs

Jack Riccardi talks with District Attorney Judge Susan Reed about the controversy over the drugs used on to execute inmates.

TAYLOR TRASH - April 1st

EnterTAYnment News!
*Is Michael Cera cast as The Riddler?
*Did SNL’s Kenan Thompson cause drama at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards? 
*Wolverine The Musical with Hugh Jackman
*Tom Gun 2! Tom Cruise fights drones!
*New Disney Park? 
*Spielberg & George Lucas $40 Million Star Wars bet!
 *Kevin Costner has plans for 4 westerns to be released within one year! 


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