Paper: No Plans to Publish SAPD Info

The owner of the San Antonio Observer says they have no plans to publish the names and addresses of all local police officers.

“It would be extremely reckless and irresponsible for us to do that,” said Torino Logan.

He admits that his editor-in-chief, Stephanie Zarriello, stated at a weekend news conference that they were “looking into the prospects of publicizing the names and addresses of all San Antonio Police Department officers in order to protect our community.”

However, he says there are no plans to disseminate that information.

“Looking into something and doing something are two completely different things,” said Torino Logan.

The newspaper has been working on an in-depth story concerning the death last week of Antroine Scott, who had a cell phone in his hand when he was shot and killed by a police officer.

Scott was wanted on a couple of felony warrants for firearms and drug charges. He was under surveillance at an apartment complex on Sahara Drive last Thursday night when a uniformed officer was called to the scene.

Investigators say the officer ordered Scott to put his hands up. Scott turned toward the officer and the officer fired once, striking him in the upper torso.

Logan says they’re working on a story for the Feb. 10th edition of the San Antonio Observer, but he stressed they are not planning to publish addresses of San Antonio Police Officers.



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