Pardon The Interruptions and Other VP Debate Thoughts

Before we get snarky and political, a serious alert:

Please be on the lookout for CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano, who went missing tonight in the first moments of the vice presidential debate. She was last seen and heard introing the candidates.

Tim Kaine’s eyebrows have pulled ahead in North Carolina.

Is Mike Pence consciously doing a Reagan impression or is it just how he talks?

He actually used “there you go again”. And forgot the name of the university.

If this VP thing doesn’t work out, I say cast Tim Kaine as Torance in the remake of “The Shining”.

Those who turned off, or blacked out, missed Pence lament that Kaine was “pulling out that Mexican thing”.

Which, if Kaine did it, is illegal in 27 states.

Really, has anyone seen Elaine?

Are these four people running in the same year? At the Clinton-Trump dumpster fire, the four top topics, by time spent:

1.) Economy  2.) National security   3.) Race  4.) Experience

In the VP tilt, topics by time:

1.) Foreign policy  2.) Candidate background  3.) Terrorism  4.) Race

Top search item on Google during debate: abortion.


Elaine Quijano is 42, wearing a blue dress and has long black hair. If you see her, call the National Center For Missing Journalists.

Great moment in our history: Kaine promising to be Hillary’s “right-hand person”.  Which White House bathroom will he use?

Pence at one point seemed shocked and dismayed to be agreeing with Kaine on something. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Governor. Like Giuliani says, it happens to all of us.

History comparisons: Kaine was Gore in 2000. Pence was Cheney in 2000.

At least no one was Palin 2008.

There were either 16 (RNC) or 70 (Media Research Center) Kaine interruptions of Pence.

Still fewer than Trump.

Elaine, if you’re reading this, we all love you and just want you home.

Frank Luntz focus group of Democrats, Republicans and Independents: Twenty-one said Pence won, four said Kaine, and two wanted a safe space.

And just think: the predebate spin was that THIS would be the “grown-up one”.

On to St.Louis.






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