Patrick Challenges Legislature to Better Protect Police

Is the State of Texas doing enough to protect it’s police officers?

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick isn’t convinced that is the case.

“Approximately 80-thousand men and women are serving in law enforcement in the State of Texas–and, about 40-thousand of them are on regular patrol” Patrick said during a news conference at the State Capitol Wednesday.

The Lieutenant Governor said the massacre of police officers in Dallas earlier this year was an eye opener.

“Everyone was wearing a vest that day. Those that were shot in the vest didn’t survive” Patrick said.

While a big part of the push is to better protect the officers on patrol, State Senator Kevin Eltife said there’s more to it than that.

“It’s also about showing support for law enforcement” Eltife said, standing next to Patrick.

Admittedly, the budget will be a tight one in the next session–but the Lieutenant Governor said the State needs to do all it can to help those police departments that are also feeling the financial strain.

“I just think the State of Texas needs to step up and get this job done for our police departments” Patrick said.

Meanwhile, Patrick also challenged the Legislature to extend property tax exemptions to spouses of law enforcement officers who are killed in the line of duty. A similar exemption already exists for spouses of fallen military members.



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