Patrick Defends Budget

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is defending the budget passed by the Senate earlier this week–despite some sharp criticism over the plan that is leaner than the current budget for the State–and does not dip in to the Rainy Day Fund.

“The Senate Budget does not raise taxes, and does not use the Rainy Day Fund. I remain determined not to use the State’s savings account on ongoing expenses” Patrick said, insisting the plan does nothing to slash needed spending.

“It increases spending on health care–including women’s health care and mental health. It addresses the critical needs of Child and Family Protective Services” Patrick said.

The Lieutenant Governor especially strongly objects to the criticism from those who said the budget doesn’t do enough for education in Texas.

“Despite misinformation put out by many members of the media, our budget fully funds public education… K-12… at current levels” Patrick said, adding the plan also calls for additional cash to cover nearly one-hundred thousand new students expected to arrive in the Lone Star State over the next two years.


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