Patrick Defends “Teeth” in Sanctuary Cities Bill

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is defending some late tweaks tot he so-called “sanctuary cities bill”–which could result in sheriffs and other officials around Texas landing in jail if they refuse to enforce federal immigration laws.

“You have to have some teeth” Patrick told KTSA News in describing the changes made to the bill, driven seemingly in large part by some action taken in Dallas County earlier this week–after the Senate gave a preliminary approval to the measure.

“Tuesday Night, the Dallas Commissioners passed a resolution welcoming illegal immigrants to their county… even though this is coming” Patrick said.

Too often said the Lieutenant Governor, new laws go on the books and they aren’t taken seriously by those who are to make sure they are enforced.

“People say well… I’ll just ignore it” Patrick said, adding “If they ignore it this time, money, potential civil consequences or criminal consequences.”

We spoke with the Lieutenant Governor about a wide range of issues, including the “sanctuary cities” bill, working with the federal government on border security, the so-called “bathroom bill,” and reforms at Child Protective Services.

Listen to our entire interview with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

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