Patrick Pushes Bullet Proof Vest Bill

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has thrown his weight behind a bill designed to insure all Texas law enforcement officers are equipped with bullet proof vests that can withstand high caliber gunshots.

“For me, the number one priority is to protect those that protect us” Patrick said Thursday at the State Capitol–admitting finding the cash needed to pay for the vests in what is a tight budget year only adds to the challenge.

“We’re going to put $25-million in the budget that we can (use to) pay for this program” Patrick said.

The bill in the Senate is sponsored by Dallas’ Royce West–born out of last year’s police massacre in his City.

“It’s going to be a day similar to when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Pearl Harbor Day, 9/11… you know where you were July 7th” West said, adding “We know that there are a multitude of issues when it relates to law enforcement–but let it be real clear… whether your a Democrat or a Republican… we support law enforcement.”

The plan was welcomed by representatives of law enforcement agencies who gathered at the State Capitol.

“These rifles… they go through us like butter… even with the vests we’re wearing at the moment” said Fred Frazier the Dallas Police Department’s Fred Frazier.



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