Pawtrol on Duty in S.A.

San Antonio’s newest public servants took the pledge Wednesday, as members of the District 3 PAWtrol.

They are second and third graders at Bellaire Elementary School, but now they are PAWtrollers.

“In the last year alone, we had about 10,000 calls (to Animal Care Services) for stray and lose animal pickups in District 3,” Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran said.

So, the PAWtrol program will teach the children on the Southside about the stray issue and the city’s animal laws.

“The young kids are the ones who are going to be future pet owners, but they can now teach their family, friends, and neighbors about the responsibility and getting that word out,” Viagran said.

So the kids will learn the rules and pass it along to their community.

“We want people to learn about pet owner responsibility.”

And the PAWtrol program gets the young kids involved in the community.


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